Because everyone deserves a chance 
The Oasis Project, The Gambia | Charity Reg. No 1142026 

 Starlight School - creche - kindergarten -nursery. FAJARA SOUTH 

Fundraising for the renovation was challenging. We raised £1,600 and our cost of repairs are approximately £2,500 so still some work to do. 
No amount is too small. Visit our donate page to see how you can give to our project. 
Learning aids & toys 
Teaching resources 
Educational games 
Teacher Salary - £30 per month 
Rent - £60 per month 
Funds to purchase additional classroom /playground furniture 

The vision is to see a litter-free Bakau and KMC Municipality 

Could you help with a small donation or would you like to be more involved? Simply drop us an email for more information or you can donate through this website.